Marketing video for a market research app

SmartRocket combines crowd sourcing with the latest mobile technologies to enable realtime information capture. Collecting this information works via a great new app that lets you earn dollars.

SmartRocket assigned Mediabox Productions to produce three agent videos for the China and Hong Kong markets. We produced an English and two Chinese versions (English version shown here).

"Thanks for great piece of work and it was such a pleasure working with you".

Production kicked off in May with script writing. Later in the year we conducted a thorough pre-production period, including casting sessions and a recce in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Then we hit the road with our talents. We shot one day in Hong Kong and one day in Shenzhen. The run-and-gun shooting approach wasn't just a production necessity, it also allowed us to implement a fresh and dynamic style of photography.

Produced in conjuction with a printed package from which the video lends it main theme, the video was received with enthusiasm.